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Welkom bij SONmusic! Luister en geniet van de songs en als je vragen hebt: stuur me gerust een mailtje.

You arrived at SONmusic, wonderful! Have a look around and I hope you enjoy listening to my songs.

OUT NOW: Even when

The inspiration for this song came from a note with a prayer that I found in the Prayer Barn at LifeStream Europe Conference in 2017. I’ve thrown in a bit of Jazz-fusion. Click on the picture to listen on spotify. Thanks for the support.

EP coming up: Songs from Attunga

I am working on the songs that I wrote in Australia in November 2019. 2 are finished: ‘Prayer for a friend’ and Turn the page’. ‘Greater’, ‘Saved’ and ‘Falling into grace’ are in the making. They will be released soon, as an EP called ‘Songs from Attunga’.

Nothing I’ve done

{"title":"Nothing I’ve done","artist_name":"Sandra Offereins","audio_file":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/09\/Nothing-Ive-done.mp3","poster_image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/09\/Nothing-Ive-done-mp3-image-1024x1024.png","duration":"4:54"}

A song from 2011, remixed. The lyrics are inspired by something someone posted on Facebook in 2010. Based on those lyrics I wrote this song for that same person. Later I found out that it was not their own text, but the lyrics of ‘East to west’ by Casting crowns. Back then I tried to contact them to ask permission to release this song, but had not gotten through and so the song remained in a folder on my PC.

Lately I found this song again, still like it (esp. the last chorus with all the ‘backing choirs’, and as it has been a while and it is such a different song than ‘East to west’, I am placing it on my site exclusively (so not on spotify etc.) for you to hear and to enjoy it. With many credits and thanks to Casting Crowns for the inspiration. I trust that we’re good.

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