‘This is why’ is now available on Spotify

EP Songs from Attunga

An EP Songs from Attunga with 4 songs written in Australia November 2019 is in the making. Two songs: ‘Prayer for a friend’ and ‘Falling into grace’, are conversations with God on behalf of others, prayers. In ‘Turn the page’ God the Father is addressing His beloved child. ‘Greater’ is the 4th song. The lyric-line: ‘There is no way we can fathom a concept of God’ says it all.

The Psalms Series

As this is my Jubilee year I aim to release 50 SONmusic originals. Part of this project is the The Psalms Devotionals Series with Psalms 19-41. These are morning devotionals that have been released on the SONmusic Youtube channel and Facebook page. The series is also uploaded to the Devotionals page.

Sound of grace

To round up the Psalms Devotionals series this song, that was written in 2011, is now rerecorded and officially released as a single. It is a Psalm 40 testimony Psalm. Find an introduction to Psalm 40, three devotionals and my testimony in my Psalms Series playlist on my Youtube channel.

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